Thailand department of disease control says vaping causes cancer and brain damage, doubles down on ban

The day that Thailand has banned the smoking of regular cigarettes at home come claims that electronic cigarettes are very bad for you.

And e-cigarettes are definitely not welcome in Thailand. 

Dr Khajorn Kaewjarat of the Department of Disease Control was outlining the reasons why electronic cigarettes are banned 100% in Thailand. 

He was speaking to the media after DPM and Public Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul spoke out about the dangers to public health of the devices, especially to children and young people. 

Dr Khajorn backed the minister’s tough stance saying that the flavors may be nice and sweet smelling but the vapor carries a great risk to users and people nearby inhaling second hand smoke. 

Nicotine levels rise in the blood and organs leading to increased craving for the drug and health complications. 

Ultimately this can mean brain damage and cancer, reported Bangkokbiznews.

Other complications of e-cigarette use are increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and adverse changes in blood sugar levels. 

Bangkokbiznews says that the safety of e-cigarettes is uncertain and the long term effects are unknown. 

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